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Lake Tali Karng

CHALLENGE RATING: “Significant distance, frequent river crossings, extremely remote, technical terrain and a significant overgrown technical climb, first half of tour is uphill, no vehicle support”

Come with us on a group trail running adventure through the amazing Alpine National Park as we go on A trail running adventure to “the Hidden Lake”. Lake Tali Karng is a natural lake in the Alpine region of Victoria. At 51 metres in depth it is the only permanent, deep, highland lake in Australia that is not of glacial or volcanic origin. It was formed by debris falling from the Sentinels, which is 700 metres above the valley. The landslide dammed the Wellington River with the area of the landslide now known as the Valley of Destruction. Our landscape is sub-alpine woodlands with rolling hills and will take in areas recently affected by bushfire during the 2019 bushfires.

The route to Lake Tali Karng begins at the third bridge over the Wellington River, about 22 km north of Licola. Our course is a total 37km out and back route with 1400m elevation gain. Our route follows the Wellington River upstream with a gradual climb across 18km, crossing the river 16 times to Clive Lanigan Track which climbs steeply through the Valley of Destruction and on to the Lake. The trail is predominantly single walking track, 16 waded river crossings, some overgrown sections in the last few km’s with some occasional scrambling in the final section before ascending into the lake.

The first occupiers of this area were the Gunaikurnai tribe, most likely member of the Brayakaulung clan. Evidence of their presence can be found in many places, from stone quarries, stone tools and flake scatters, to a system of ancient pathways. Aboriginal people guided many European explorers and gold miner through the mountains along these pathways – pathways which eventually formed the basis of some of today’s road and track network. Tali Karng is a sacred place to the Gunaikurnai.

37km, 1400m out and back course. Which takes in:

  • 16 river crossings
  • Wellington River
  • Wellington River Walking track
  • Dodge Campsite
  • Riggall Spur Campsite
  • Clive Lanigan Walking Track
  • Barrier Creek
  • The Valley of Destruction
  • Lake Tali Karng
  • Views of Echo Point and the Sentinels