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Frequently Asked Questions

new to Trail Running – Is this for me?

Trail Bus is an all-inclusive trail tour which puts fun and safety above all else. If you are looking to give trail running a try, Trail Bus is perfect for you. We look after the safety, notify you of the conditions, tell you what you need to bring and our guides will keep a close eye on you throughout the day. It’s hassle free, safe trail running that appeals to runners of all experience and abilities from ultramarathoners through to parkrunners. Some of our tours are more challenging than others so you can pick a challenge rating to suit you. More info here

ALL paces – I’m SLOW will I hold anyone up?

This is the most common concern we hear from our Trail Bus first timers. Rest assured you will not hold anyone up. Our business is trail running tours not races. If you can run any pace you’ll do just fine. Our supportive guides are trained and experienced in group management. We implement group management controls to ensure the group is always “contained” between guides and contactable on the radios. This level of control allows runners flexibility to move around the group based on the pace they are currently feeling. So there is no pressure to run a pace you aren’t comfortable with nor will you effect anyone elses run. You can run different sections faster or slower based on your preference.

This is what we do to make nobody gets held up, left behind & everyone has a great experience:

  • All tours are self-paced. Run to your own ability
  • We run the flats and downs where safe to do so and hike the ups
  • Different pace group tour guides
  • Regular defined regroup and head count points
  • Tour route course markings
  • Hand held radios for all runners
  • Course design and knowledge

Once you’ve attended a tour and seen it in action, it’ll never be a concern again. Every pace, every tour.


Our tours attract all types of people. We have first time trail runners through to experienced ultramarathoners. We really do have customers from all walks of life. Our fun loving running customers include parents and grandparents, professionals, students, partners, different backgrounds, introverts, extroverts, travellers and tourists, locals. We literally have all types. What our customers do have in common is a sense of adventure, a love of the outdoors and they enjoy being challenged. Most of our customers sign up solo and look forward to meeting new people on the tour. Once you’ve done one Trail Bus you’ll more than likely know someone on your following tours.

Why they choose Trail Bus:

  • It’s easy. Turn up and follow your guides
  • Safe and planned trails, tours and routes
  • To explore new locations
  • Emergency plans are in place
  • In run and post run snacks (jelly snakes, watermelon, chips, coke and water)
  • City transport provided. Travel blankets and pillows provided. Naps optional
  • To meet new people and enjoy the benefits of social running
  • First Aid resourced tours
  • Weather and conditions advice
  • We are Parks Victoria permitted and endorsed as a Licensed tour operator



All our tours need to meet our stringent quality benchmarks to make into our tour rotation. We need our tours to be diverse in landscape and trail types to keep our runners engaged in their surroundings, they have to be naturally beautiful, they have to have elements of challenge and they need to be remote and immersive. Our tours are all scenic and so different from each other. We here in Victoria are truly blessed with such diverse landscapes over such a small state. This makes for fantastic, accessible trail running locations. With different landscapes come different types of views. Our Lorne Megaloop tour has incredibly lush temperate rainforest and our Alpine tours have expansive lookouts. It really does depend on your preference. We love all our tour locations and are always excited to get back out there. On any tour you can expect beautiful natural views. We have described our tours to the best of our ability in the product descriptions so have a read, check out the location photo albums in our facebook page and if you still have any questions please drop us a message.

If you have any further questions, please contact us using the form below.

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