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The Bus

A 12 seat Mercedes-Benz Sprinter TRAIL bus

Our Sprinter has been a valuable addition to Trail Bus. Not only is it reliable, capable, comfortable and professional transport, but it’s also our organised office, change room, first aid room, tour control centre and warehouse. 

When customers book a ticket on the Trail Bus they can expect a comfortable and spacious ride. We provide travel blankets and pillows, subtitled trail movies on the drop down ceiling screen, high quality stereo, blacked out window tint and standing room for getting changed, onboard bin, behind seat gear holder, luggage bay, automatic door and step. We make sure our runners are as comfortable as possible before and after their adventures.

After researching, trialling and testing various 12 seater vans, The Sprinter won us over by really dialling in on our business needs and what our customers value. It’s spacious inside but the Van size exterior allowed us to use normal parking spots and access all areas for our Parks Victoria permits. The standard car license requirements means all our guides could drive it, which meant more flexibility for our business. We do a lot of highway driving and for road handling the Sprinter out performed the others, even with strong crosswinds when climbing mountain roads. Our customers value safety, space and comfort. The high roof gave them the ability to get changed standing up, The large rear boot with full height luggage cage allows our storage to be organised and secure whilst our customers are safe. The large rear space minimises our need to use trailers. It’s sleek black colourway really made our logo pop and we receive a lot of positive feedback around how our Van presents. At the end of the day our choice was made by deciding that we needed a van that was a bus, not a van that was a car and that’s exactly what Mercedes delivered. A van that’s comfortable and spacious like a bus and not a car sized with too many seats crammed in. It looks great, handles well, is reliable and makes our customers happy. Simple really.