Our guides carry high quality, professional, mirrorless cameras. These are specifically chosen to be able to perform on the move, to grab the best possible natural shots of our trail runners in action. You have complete access to all photos taken on the day. Shortly after your tour has concluded, you’ll receive an email confirming that your photos have been uploaded to your tour album on our facebook page. 


Thanks to @thefirieswife for the reminder of the great adventurers we had on our Pyrenees Crossing tour (23km one way east to west with 1300m elevation and mostly unused single track). We’ve definitely got heading out bush for some nature time on our priority list too ❤️. Who else is ready to get out there #? #trailbus #trailbustours ...

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Buying your first pair of trail shoes advice. The Shoe Wizard runs us through what to look out for when buying your first pair of trail running shoes. @the.shoe.wizard ...

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What does your idea of the perfect trail run include?
Ours is-
*safe and planned
*social pace so everyone can chat and enjoy it
*amazing like minded people
*beautiful views & distracting scenery
*a variety of trail types
*a couple of achievable challenges
*some action photos for memories
*somewhere new
*a post run feed and drinks

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Trail running downhill shoes. Fad or fab? ...

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We are thinking @meltwaan is looking very jealous of @ryan__ford trail bus tech run tee right now. Perfectly designed for trail adventures. Available in store at and on our tours. Free postage on all our clothing range 👍 #trailbus #trailbustours ...

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Trail Bus how to. How to download a Strava activity from your iPhone onto your Garmin watch as a course to navigate ...

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We are taking some time to update our website to a simpler and more mobile friendly format. We are updating our frequently asked questions so if you have any thoughts on what you or others may want to see in there or any feedback on improving our website please drop a comment below or send us a message. ❤️❤️ thank you TB ...

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It’s newsletter day today and we’ve got heaps of traily goodness to share. In this newsletter we will talk; tour operations update, jelly snake rating system, new tours, post significant weather update, permits, new merch, gear review, tour safety …. and plenty more. Hit the link in our bio and subscribe ...

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It’s all about the fun! Get out there and enjoy those obstacles 🏃🏼‍♀️ 💦. We continue to move ahead with our tour planning and reschedule options to get you guys out there ASAP! Heads up, we have been working on our first overnighter point to point tour. It’s in the Yarra Ranges. Day 1= drop off at start and run 30ish km to accommodation for clean up and dinner. Day 2= breakfast then run 30ish km from accommodation and finish at the pub in the next town with bus pick up. “Ish”being a widely recognised unit of measurement within the trail running community. ...

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But I just washed my trail shoes 😭😭. Machine wash? shower? bucket and soak 🛁. How do you keep your trail shoes clean? 📹 Bunyip Tour, thanks to Craig. #trailbus #trailbustours ...

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Another quality Craig production from our Bunyip tour on Saturday. There was a lot of fun had playing in the mud … maybe a little too much 😂. Check out the happy faces #trailbus #trailbustours ...

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