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Cancellations and Change

Tour Change Policy

Trail Bus aims to ensure all customers attending our tours have a positive experience that exceeds their tour expectations.

Whilst Trail Bus does develop comprehensive Tour plans for every tour, there are still influences and variables outside our control that may cause cancellation or change to our planned and/or current tours.

In these instances, to allow for tours to continue, changes to tours may include: distances, locations, group guides, routes and durations.  Where change is implemented first priority will be given to ensuring all tour participants are safe and managing emergency response, then consideration shall be given to ensure that the remainder of the tour is executed in a manner that exposes customers to the highest quality tour experience.

When a tour change is necessary, Trail Bus shall do so in a manner that is communicative and/or consultative with paying customers. If a tour can not be completed due to emergency response to a runner, all other customers will receive a free tour coupon for a future trail bus tour of equal to or lesser value.

As part of our Safety and Risk Management Planning, Trail Bus plans for operation during daylight hours. Ensuring our tours are completed during this time will always prioritise over planned tour distances and durations. When this change is necessary, Trail Bus will do it’s best to ensure the highest quality sections of the tour are experienced in the time allowances. No compensation is offered for these changes.

Influences to change may include, but not limited to;

-Adverse/unsafe weather conditions

-Emergency response during a tour

-Exceeding time/distance expectations

Where change is required prior to execution of a tour, customers will always have the preference of a full refund.

Where change contributes to a customers expectations not being met, Trail Bus shall consult with all customers to reach a fair and just outcome.

Options for these outcomes may include;

-Part/full refund

-Future discount on other tours or products

Tour Cancellation Policy

Tour Cancellations may occur. In the rare event of a tour cancellation, a customer suitable tour may be rescheduled as soon as possible. If this is unfavourable for our customers, resolution consultation compensation may include;

 -Part/full refund

-Future discount on other tours or products

Reasons that may influence a tour cancellation may include but not limited to;

-Not meeting minimum tickets sales numbers (minimum cancellation period 2 days prior to a tour)

-Resources unavailable to execute a safe, planned tour (cancellation at any time)

-Emergency Response (cancellation at any time)

-Adverse/unsafe weather conditions (cancellation at any time)

No customer refunds for change of mind once ticket and store items have been purchased.