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CovidSafe Tours

What are our Risks?

All our Tours are covered by a COVIDSafe plan. This plan is a Victorian Government requirement. The plans recommendations and requirements are changing regularly as the state progresses through covid-19 response.

We update our plan regularly with the last update completed on 24/4/22.

Some of the COVIDSafe controls we have implemented include:

  • COVIDSafe plan and a COVID risk register
  • masks for patrons using bus
  • double vaccinated workers
  • all guides carrying hand sanitiser and masks
  • social distancing communications and monitoring
  • hand sanitiser and hand wash on the us and at aid stations
  • Increased sanitation and cleaning regime
  • employee covid training programs
  • in product, tour email and tour brief covid communications

Download our COVIDSafe Plan

If you have any questions of queries please get in contact with us.