What are our Risks?

During this period of Covid-19 transmission risks and restrictions, we have implemented plans to keep our tours Covid-19 safe. We have consulted with industry experts and reviewed the government covid-19 management recommendations and rules to put in place the below control processes.

Some of the changes we have made for this period including:

  • Limiting tours to 20 people inclusive of guides
  • Implementing meet us out there only tours
  • Supplying sanitising and cleaning facilities
  • Implementing 1.5m social distancing controls
  • Implementing contact tracing protocols
  • Increased sanitation regime

Contact tracing

Why are attendees being asked to provide contact details?
The name and telephone number of each attendees on our tours are being collected for the purpose of contact tracing in the event of a suspected
coronavirus (COVID-19) case at at tour. All details will be recorded and kept for a minimum of 28 days from the date stated on top of this page.
Your information will not be released to the public or shared with any third party except the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services,
who will use it to contact people who may have been exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). The information collected will be destroyed after 28 days.
Please also consider downloading the COVIDSafe app to help protect you, your friends and family.


If you have any questions of queries please get in contact with us. See below for all the details of our Covid-19 control plan. Risk Register and Covid-19 info packs are downloadable in our checkout.

200601 Trail Bus Covid 19 Risk Register