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5 Victorian Trails Where Extra Water is a Must!

Embarking on a trail run is an exhilarating adventure, but safety should always be a top priority. Running out of water can pose significant risks during your trail escapades. Dehydration can compromise your performance and wellbeing. Stay ahead of the game by packing more water than you think you’ll need! 🚰 Here are key insights for five Victorian trails that demand extra hydration vigilance:

1️⃣ Mt Feathertop and Razorback: Brace yourself for a long and exposed journey as you tackle this trail. Cumulative hills, totalling around 800m elevation, and the relentless climb to Mt Feathertop make for a warm day of exposure. Water options are scarce, limited to an unreliable water tank at Federation Hut and a spring on Northwest Spur Track—both requiring treatment. There are no water sources along the Razorback until you reach Mt Hotham Resort.

2️⃣ Cathedral Range: Once you ascend from Little River in the Valley, anticipate no water sources until your return. The ridge line, marked by technical terrain and limited shade, can be exhausting. The 12km North and 10km South circuits are split for a reason—prepare for a challenging, water-scarce adventure.

3️⃣ 8-Mile Spur track. 8 mile camp site, Howqua River to The Bluff (10km one way): Expect a steep, overgrown, and slow-going trail with limited water sources. Once you leave Howqua River, there’s no water available for the remainder of the day. The challenging descent from the top can be just as demanding. Extend your day by heading 4.5km along the Bluff to Bluff Hut, which has an unreliable tank as the only water option.

4️⃣ **Wilson’s Promontory North Circuit:** This coastal and remote trail lacks vehicle access and reliable water sources. Navigating and scrambling through the elements can extend your exposure, emphasizing the crucial need for ample water.

5️⃣ The Crinoline Circuit: At the base of the circuit, there’s ample water from The Wellington River. However, brace yourself for a water-scarce trail beyond. Your only water options include an unreliable creek at Long Hill and old water storage drums that may be stagnant. Navigating the route, with limited cover, coupled with arduous climbing and scrambling, can lead to many exhausting and exposed hours on the trail. Ensure you carry sufficient hydration for the entire run, stay safe, and follow us for more expert tips on making the most of your trail running adventures! 🏃‍♀️🏞️ #trailrunning  #safetyfirst #trailbustours 

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