The Best Trail running Jackets

Being prepared for the weather on Victorian trails is a must. Melbournes 4 seasons in 1 day moods are a true testament to the importance of carrying the right gear. A good trail running jacket can save your life in an emergency situation and make your trail adventures more comfortable and enjoyable. We had a look at our 4 most popular weather resistant jackets that frequent our tours and added a spreadsheet of the jacket requirements for Australia’s top endurance trail races.

Summary – Ultimate Direction Ultra 2.0 hands down value for money and features.

We love the Salomon Bonatti Pro jackets for our guides. We can purchase them oversize (XXL) with the expandable pack back hump, which goes over the top of our packs nicely and protects our electronics without stopping for too long. The Bright colour selection is another bonus knowing that it can help in finding us in emergency situations. If you are patient you can find good deals on line.

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