The easy guide to safe shared trail use

We love crossing paths with other happy trail and track users on our trail runs. We do our best to ensure our trail interactions are always positive and safe. Keeping everyone safe and sharing the tracks and trails is what adds to the enjoyment of spending time in Victorias beautiful natural locations. 

Here’s what our risk and safety plans say about preparing for safe trail interactions:

-permitted locations

-do not interrupt the flow of traffic

-use radios to call through vehicle type and direction of travel

-give way to other users

-move to a position of safety off the track when encountering vehicles

-face towards vehicles as they pass

-signal to drivers/riders/operators that you have seen them

-if vehicles stop, inform the operator of the tour participants locations and numbers

-report to land managers unsafe vehicle use

-tour routes pre-inspected for trail users type and frequency

-lookout guide at front in higher risk vehicular locations

-guides positioned at front and rear of tour in higher risk vehicular locations

-hi vis vests for guides in higher risk vehicular locations

-contingency route planning for unsafe routes/alternative routes

These are our points of communication with customers and stakeholders so they know the risks.

Pre purchase- Website safety pages (risk register)

Post purchase – Tour info email (risk register attachment)

Tour safety brief – Verbal comms

In run comms – Radios verbal comms

Everyone has a duty of care to keep each other safe on the trails. @delwp_vic has some great information about activity specific safety controls on shared trails and tracks. For further reading check out our safety pages/risk register, or alternatively send us a message or get in contact with the area land manager. Have a read and happy trails. #trailrunning #mountainrunning #trailsafety #parksvictoria #exploreaustralia #visitvictoria @parksvic @delwp_vic 

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